Easy Things to Eat After Dental Treatment

added on: October 20, 2020

oral surgeryWhat we eat not only affects our overall health but our oral health, too. It’s important to eat well-balanced meals, limit the sugary snacks, and choose fresh fruits and veggies whenever possible. But what exactly do you eat after dental treatment? You can’t chomp on a crunchy carrot very easily when your mouth is numb or sore, can you? Thankfully, your dentist in Cary has compiled a list of easy things to eat after dental treatment.

Ice Cream

One of the best parts of getting dental treatment is that you have an excuse to eat ice cream, for every meal if you want to! Ice cream is a great option because not only is it super soft and doesn’t require chewing, it’s also really cold. This coldness can help you get relief if you’re dealing with some soreness and may help reduce swelling.


Another cool, comforting, and easy-to-eat treat that you can have after dental treatment is yogurt. Similarly to ice cream, yogurt doesn’t require you to chew and is also cold. Additionally, many yogurts contain mushed fruits that can give your body healthy nutrients. Just make sure to avoid eating yogurts with crunchy nuts or granola.


Don’t worry, not every food on this list is in the dairy family. Your dentist in Cary knows that many patients may be lactose intolerant and will need additional, dairy-free options that are just as easy to eat. Soup is at the top of that list. From different flavored broths to the time-tested comforting chicken noodle, choosing a bowl of your favorite soup can provide your body with nutrients and help you feel full. Keep in mind that if you just had your wisdom teeth out, only eat soups that are warm and not really hot. Hot foods or drinks can slow down the healing process.

Mashed Potatoes

Another favorite go-to snack that’s easy to eat after dental treatment is mashed potatoes. Whether you prefer traditional mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, as long as they’re cooked and mashed really well, you won’t have a problem eating them. Plus, sweet potatoes, in particular, have anti-inflammatory properties that can be great for oral and overall health.


Fish like tuna and salmon are not only soft, they’re also packed with healthy fats your body needs, making them an excellent choice for post-dental treatment. You can even pair well-cooked soft fish with some mashed potatoes and have a complete meal!

Following dental treatment, whether dental implant placement, oral surgery, root canal, or filling, you may not feel like eating. But it’s important to keep your body fueled, even if it’s by eating several small meals or snacks a day. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water to your mouth and your body hydrated.

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