Root Canal Therapy in Cary, IL

Maybe hearing the words “root canal” already makes you want to run away, but we assure you that modern day root canal treatment is not something to fear. In fact, whatever aching you may feel now from an infected tooth is the actual painful part and the procedure will alleviate that discomfort.

At Cary Family Dental, we provide gentle root canal therapy to keep your smile healthy.

How the Root Canal Procedure Works

The root canal procedure is actually quite simple. First, our dentist, Dr. Patel, will remove any of the pulp inside your tooth that is inflamed or infected. Then, he’ll clean and disinfect the area. Next, he’ll fill and seal the cleaned out root canals. Finally, he’ll restore your tooth with a filling or dental crown. Once the procedure is done, you’ll have a fully functioning tooth again!


Signs You May Need Root Canal Treatment

In general, symptoms vary from patient to patient. A dull ache all the way to sharp pain could signal that you need root canal treatment. Know that some people don’t notice any unusual feeling at all while others have tooth pain for a different reason. Some other signs include tenderness or swelling in your gums, a small pimple or boil on your gums, darkened teeth, and tooth sensitivity. While these are the most common signs that root canal treatment is necessary, it’s important to know that only a dental professional can truly determine whether you need the procedure. If you have any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned, we recommend you scheduling a consultation at our office.

Why Endodontics Are Important

You may hear root canal therapy referred to as endodontic therapy or just endodontics in general. This is the field of dentistry that deals with the delicate inner pulp of a tooth. Endodontics has gotten a bad rap over the years but many people don’t realize just how important it is. If you have a severely infected tooth, endodontic treatment is one last effort to save it so you don’t have to lose it prematurely or get it extracted. It also ensures that the infection doesn’t spread further damage.

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