Emergency Dentistry in Cary, IL

At Cary Family Dental, we take dental emergencies seriously which means that we leave room in our schedule to accommodate same-day emergency visits. We never want you to have to wait in pain or feel like you have to deal with your dental emergency on your own. You can count on our skilled, reliable team to be there for you when you need it the most!
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Types of Emergencies

Wondering if you need to come in for urgent dental care? Here are some of the most common dental issues that require immediate treatment:
  • Mouth Trauma
  • Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth
  • Broken Tooth, Crown, or Filling
  • Toothache or Sore Gums
  • Cold Sores/Canker Sores
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Emergency Dentistry FAQs

What do I do when I am experiencing a dental emergency?

When an emergency occurs, we recommend calling our office right away. This allows our team to guide you on the proper next steps to deal with your specific situation, whether that’s how to handle a knocked-out tooth, what to do when you have a severe toothache, or how to deal with a broken tooth, we can help advise you on what to do before you get to our office!

Can I get an appointment on Saturday when I am having a dental emergency?

Yes. We can arrange a Saturday appointment if you have a dental emergency. Our goal is to treat patients right away so that your condition or trauma doesn’t worsen. Just call our office and we can get you in!

Is emergency dental care covered by insurance?

It depends on your insurance provider. Each plan is different, if you have questions about your coverage, try reaching out to your provider or call our office and we can look into your emergency coverage for you. If your emergency visit isn’t covered, we can go over our flexible financial options to make your emergency dental care as affordable as possible! Learn More About Emergency Dentistry
  • International Congress of Oral Implantologtists
  • Seattle Study Club
  • American Dental Association
  • Illinois State Dental Society
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