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Real Relief When It Matters Most

You brush your teeth like clockwork every day, twice to be exact. You take your family to the dentist and have their teeth cleaned every six months. You do everything right, until that one unfortunate moment when it all goes wrong.

Don’t let a dental emergency in Cary or tooth pain leave you feeling helpless. Dr. Niraj Patel can relieve your discomfort and help you heal.

From broken teeth to a tooth that’s completely knocked out, we’ve seen every dental emergency in Cary and we know how scary it can feel.

Call Dr. Patel today and work together to create an affordable solution to fix your smile.

Cary Family Dental in Cary

Know What to Do Now

Since Dr. Niraj Patel started caring for smiles in 2006, he’s never taken any dental emergency in Cary lightly.

You won’t have to worry about not being able to see us because we go out of our way to accommodate dental emergencies and tooth pain with same-day visits.

You won’t have to deal with any dental emergency on your own. You need to call Cary Family Dental as soon as possible. We’ll ensure we’re able to help you feel better.

Dr. Patel can direct you with the necessary information and next steps to help you move forward with fixing your smile.

Examples of Common Dental Emergencies

Our goal is to treat every patient, new or existing, as quickly as possible to better ensure that your tooth pain or dental emergency in Cary doesn’t become something more complicated.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to decide if you actually need to see a dentist or not.

If you’re on the fence about urgent dental care, here are some common issues that require a dentist’s attention:

  • Mouth Trauma
  • Knocked-Out Permanent Tooth
  • Broken Tooth, Crown, or Filling
  • Toothache or Sore Gums
  • Cold Sores/Canker Sores

Do any of these sound familiar to you or someone in your family? Call on Cary Family Dental for help!

Cary Family Dental in Cary
Cary Family Dental in Cary Bryan T.

“My family of six has used Cary Family Dental for OVER SEVEN YEARS. Dr. Patel is extremely professional, as is his entire staff. Emily, one of the lead hygienists, is fantastic. Expect top-notch cleanliness along with an ultra modern facility. He is on the cutting-edge of new dental technology. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

Cary Family Dental in Cary Gerard R.

“It is always a pleasant time to visit Cary Family Dental. All the young ladies are smiling and do not ever appear to have a bad day. It seems like a great place to work. Dr. Patel has done a tremendous job on my new teeth and has restored my smile. Thank you.”

Cary Family Dental in Cary Linsay A

“Dr. Patel is extremely professional and very friendly. He really gets to know you and your family and cares about your needs. The staff and dental hygienists are so wonderful and very gentle with your mouth. I just moved to Cary recently. I was worried about having a new dentist, but Cary Family Dental made us feel right at home. We are so thankful we found them!”

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Dental emergency? Call us. Saturday appointments always available!