Dental Implant Lectures in Cary, IL

As part of his commitment to providing the best care for his patients, Dr. Patel hosts regular lectures on dental implants. Topics covered include how implants work, the benefits of dental implants, and alternative tooth replacement options. In addition to an informational packet, lecture attendees also receive a goodie bag and refreshments. We’ll also give away a door prize. For more details on our dental implant lectures, visit our blog post.
Dental implant

How Do Implants Work?

One of the main things patients always want to know is how dental implants work to replace missing teeth. During our implant lectures, Dr. Patel goes over, in detail, the placement and function of implants. In short, implants are a small titanium post that Dr. Patel places into your jawbone in the space created by a missing tooth. The titanium fuses with the bone to create a solid anchor. On top, he places a restoration – a crown, crowns with a connecting dental bridge, or even dentures – to complete your new smile. Reserve Your Spot

All-On-4® Implants

If you’re missing a full arch of teeth and currently struggling with ill-fitting dentures, we have a great solution for you. All-On-4 is a treatment method that stabilizes a denture uses four strategically placed implants. Since implants are permanently fixed in place, you can rest easy knowing that your dentures won’t move throughout the day. Not only does All-On-4 keep your denture steady but it also has a positive impact on your overall oral health. With traditional dentures, there isn’t anything stimulating your jawbone so you’ll start to notice bone loss over time. Implant-supported dentures help keep your jawbone healthy and strong. All-On-4 implants let you can say goodbye to uncomfortable, slippery dentures and hello to a confident, stress-free smile!

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Implants are strong and sturdy because they fuse with your jawbone. Once they’re securely in your mouth, and a restoration is placed, you’ll be back to talking, eating, and smiling with confidence again. Compared to other tooth replacement options, such as dentures, implants are much more secure. Ill-fitting dentures can slip or click, causing discomfort. Implants stay put. We can even secure your dentures using dental implants, so they stay firmly in place. They are also easy to care for – just brush your teeth and floss as you normally would. That, plus coming in for your regular dental check-ups, is all you need to do to keep your dental implants functioning great for years to come. Replacing missing teeth with implants also helps preserve the shape of your face. When you’re missing a tooth for a while, the jawbone deteriorates, causing your face to look sunken. Using an implant in place of the tooth root ensures that your jawbone stays healthy. Learn More

Have Questions About Dental Implants?

How much do implants cost? Are the procedures painful? Am I a good candidate for dental implants? Dr. Patel goes over all of these questions and more at our dental implant lectures. Email us for more details and to reserve your spot at our next lecture. Email us
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