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For adults who want to straighten their teeth, braces are often not an ideal option. They’re big and clunky, they require the wearer to give up some foods, and they stay on for years. Instead, many people are turning to clear orthodontics to get a straight, beautiful smile. At Cary Family Dental, we’re proud to offer ClearCorrect clear aligner therapy to our patients as a virtually invisible straightening option. In only about a year, you could have a brand new smile to show off!

What Is ClearCorrect?

The ClearCorrect system is what is known as an “aligner therapy.” This means that instead of using bars and brackets, ClearCorrect uses clear plastic aligners to reposition teeth. The process is gradual and gentle and only lasts about a year on average. Because they’re clear, most people won’t know you’re wearing them, so you can continue to live your life and flaunt your style.

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ClearCorrect Treatment Process

To begin your treatment, we take impressions of your teeth and work with you to design your goal smile. We send this information to the lab to have your first sets of aligners created. Come in to our office to make sure they fit and go home with your first two sets.

Wear the first set for two weeks, then switch to the second set. We bring you in every four to six weeks to check your progress and give you your next sets of aligners. As you work your way through your series of aligner trays, you’ll see your smile getting straighter and straighter. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful new smile!

Benefits of ClearCorrect

  • Clear – no one has to know you’re wearing them
  • Smooth – plastic material doesn’t cut cheeks or gums
  • Removable – take them out to eat, drink, brush, and floss
  • Convenient – fewer check-in appointments and shorter treatment times compared to metal braces
ClearCorrect trays

ClearCorrect vs. Conventional Braces

ClearCorrect vs. Conventional Braces

Our patients often want to know what the differences are between ClearCorrect and conventional metal braces. Aside from the aesthetic differences, they also work differently. While traditional braces relying on a pulling movement to reposition teeth, ClearCorrect essentially pushes teeth to move them. Rather than wires pulling on teeth, the trays work on the various tooth contact points to gently ease teeth into new positions.

ClearCorrect is a great option for people with mild to moderate spacing or alignment issues. For patients with more severe issues or who need to have their bite corrected might benefit more from conventional braces. We’ll discuss your needs and the orthodontic option that’s best for you when you come in for a consultation.

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