About 6 Month Smiles Accelerated Braces

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Having a nice, straight smile in a short amount of time is not out of reach! At Cary Family Dental, we offer a service that’s called Six Month Smiles® Accelerated Braces. This is a great option for patients who don’t want to change their entire bite but are looking to quickly fix their “social six” front teeth.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Traditional metal braces require about 12-36 months of treatment because they focus on realigning your bite and all your teeth. In contrast, Six Month Smiles is one of our teeth straightening options that is discreet, quick, and comfortable. This orthodontic option has an average treatment time of just six months because it straightens only your front teeth instead of altering your entire bite. They are made out of clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires for a more inconspicuous appearance, and their advanced wires exert less force when shifting your teeth for a more comfortable orthodontic experience.

How does Six Month Smiles Work?

  1. First, we will perform an examination of your teeth, gums, and overall oral health to determine if you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles. This may involve taking X-rays, intraoral and facial photographs, and impressions of your teeth to fabricate models of how they fit together.
  2. If you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles, these models will be used to calculate and create braces tailored to your needs.
  3. At your next appointment, these braces will be safely fused and secured to your teeth.
  4. You will visit us every several weeks for adjustments and tightening. These appointments won’t take very long, and we will ensure your treatment is going smoothly.
  5. After about six months, we’ll remove the brackets and wires and you’ll have a beautiful smile!

Interested in a More Attractive Smile?

If you think you may be a good candidate for Six Month Smiles Accelerated Braces, contact our Cary Family Dental team to schedule a consultation with our expert dentist, Dr. Patel! Even if this treatment is not for you, Dr. Patel will work with you to find the best teeth straightening options for you, your mouth, and your budget. We look forward to helping you achieve a bright new smile.

Yes, I Want a Straighter Smile!
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